March 2nd, 2015


Wabi-Sabi, and Rain on the Beach

Великолепное эссе Олиного папы + фото бай хим.
Можно было бы попытаться перевести на русский - но в этом английском (а история написана исходно по-английски) столько этого вот прохладного дождливого воздуха с "ядом воспоминаний". Это очень, очень "ваби-саби экспириенс".

In a little (that is, small but only in size, not in contents) book, Wabi Sabi by Diane Durston, which is rather a collection of quotes from books and essays by various authors that deal with Wabi-Sabi, this amazing Japanese esthetic category and an artistic principle of everyday life, I find a lot of things worth commenting.

Here is one such “thing”, with some of the quote it in my retelling and with the rest verbatim:
There is a lake with an adjacent garden; there is a cabin on the shore, close to the waterline; the cabin and the garden used to belong to an artist [this remark suggest that both the cabin and the garden have been neglected for some time and bearmarks of this neglect – but it only gives an additional touch to the sad charm of the place].

The author comes to the cabin and sits on the porch. It is raining. She watches the drizzle across the silent pond. “The master, long gone, designed it for days like this. He understood the beauty of the fleeting moment. Feel the rain. Let it dampen your hands. Watch it drip from the roofs of thatched tea huts into the muddy pond. Sit here in silence on a drizzly autumn afternoon, surrounded by poetry and art, frozen in this moment – enough to make you cry.”


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1. Йога это все-таки немного секта? Ведь вы перестаете есть определенные продукты, меняете интересы, места отдыха, даже работу иногда? Хочу сразу заметить, что среди огромного количества того, что принято подписывать как "йога" - несомненно есть и такое, где прослеживается…